Jessie Esso

Artist’s Statement – Jessie Lee MacDonald-Rowe

Growing up, I was in love with the idea of capturing a moment in time with a camera. Even as a very small child, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

As a photographer, my goal is to tell your story with my work. Whether that story is about your life or the impression you want to give an audience about your product or service, my job is to tell that story with a single image.

To make a photograph tell that story is an art form that I am still learning.

I am currently studying to be a professional photographer at Niagara College, where I am learning from some of the most talented professionals in the business. I will graduate this year with the experience and skills necessary to show your life – or your life’s work – in the best possible light. While I am preparing to focus on product photography, I also enjoy capturing people, places and events.

As an artist, I want to take visually interesting and pleasing images that will start a conversation and inspire people to stop what they’re doing to take a second look.

The world is a wonderful, unpredictable, fascinating place filled with infinite subjects for my lens. I hope to have the opportunity and skill to take photographs that are capable of expressing my view of the world and all of its amazing, awe-inspiring beauty.